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Sam Gates

Sam is the founder of Octocorn and has been an avid percussionist since the age of eight. Growing up in a tiny town in Oregon, he didn't have much to do or any neighbors to annoy so he spent most of his high school days practicing to bands like Avenged Sevenfold and Hawthorne Heights. After graduating and moving to Boise, Idaho his interests broadened into artistry, engineering, production, sound design, and creating a studio. He's wrapped up his degree with Berklee College of Music and is ready to keep on pumping out sick records.


Darian Renee

Darian draws upon her skills as a multi-instrumentalist, composer, sound designer, vocalist, songwriter, engineer, and producer to help bring creative visions to life for like-minded artists. As an emphatic and socially conscious community leader, Darian uses music and creativity as a tool to bridge connections. She appreciates your perspective and spreads a message that brings awareness to celebrate freedom of expression. Her key passion is to create a rich inner world for herself and to enrich the soundscapes and music of the artists she works with.

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