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With a whiskey soaked voice and a muddy crunch guitar tone to match it, Johnny Boy Kunk's soul pours from each note as his picks, slides, slaps, and bends the bluesy notes from his guitar as if it were an extension of his being. Armed with an electric semi-hollow body guitar, resonator guitar, harmonica, and foot stomp, slide, and occasional pocket knife; Johnny captivates his audiences every show guaranteed.  

     Johnny Boy Kunk IS the manifestation of true Mississippi gritty blues in human form. Having chased hounds after coon and bear in the Sierra Nevada mountains, spent years in blue-collar welding shops, and given up an entire normal life just to plant his musical roots in the Mississippi Delta; Johnny Boy Kunk (John Kunk) has lived a life of the working class and salt of the Earth people. With inspirations of the first documented Delta blues players such as Charley Patton and Robert Johnson, Johnny returned from the state of MS and began his musical career as a hollering bluesman sliding his guitar riffs and shouting all up and down the streets of downtown Boise ID. As a young man with minimal guitar experience, he had himself gigs as somewhat of a historical act playing tunes and covers of the blues legends, but as the gig frequency grew and the skills increased he became the one of a kind bluesman the blues hadn't seen before. Inspired by the unique droning and moving tunes of hillcountry blues (R.L. Burnside, J.R. Kimbrough, MS Fred McDowell) Johnny began to explore his own sounds of both guitar and vocals and returned to the Delta to play the Mississippi Juke Joint Fest 2019 to do more studying. The changes in him were apparent and the need for diving into his own style was more apparent. 

     Johnny Boy Kunk's new album, SAM GATES' HAS BIG PEEN, released by Octocorn records is the exact indicator of Johnny's new growth. Johnny's new album holds a wide spectrum of styles ranging from back porch acoustic tunes to a jukin' and jivin hillcountry blues, all the way to Johnny's dark and heavy droning tunes that touch the soul on a deeper level. 

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